Paintings and drawings in Greece

Tableau de Santorin
Peinture des Eglises de Santorin

Paintings and drawings in Greece is a special experience. It is a popular destination for culture, travel and escape enthusiasts. His varied landscapes of the Peloponnese, the Cycladic Islands and the mountains of Athens offer an incredible diversity of painting subjects.

The ocher earth of its hills combines with the olive green of eucalyptus or olive trees. This gives a striking contrast of colors with those of the Aegean Sea which oscillates between turquoise blue and ultramarine.

Peinture de Mykonos
Watercolor of Santorini

Contrasting greek landscapes

History is not left out either: it is common to see everywhere in the landscapes, vestiges of Greek Antiquity. Temples, Doric, Ionic or Corinthian columns, statues from Ancient Greece with slender silhouettes which sculpt a backdrop conducive to going back to ancient times.

tableaux peinture Grèce
Ermoupoli, Syros Island

The Cyclades archipelago is made up of many Greek islands, such as Paros, Naxos, Ios, Syros … Some are confidential but others have a strong tourist reputation. They are emblematic by their personality like Santorini or Mykonos. Basilicas, churches, houses, farms or any type of infrastructure, there are many paintings from Greece that deserve the attention of painters.

tableau Grèce
Drawing of Ios Island

The hills of white houses are a splendor: immaculate buildings, clinging to each other in endless entanglements amidst which gallop cacti and palm trees. The promise of the invitation to travel is there indeed. It is in the shade of these trees and these beautiful homes that we come to seek freshness and softness.

peinture Grèce Ios
Painting of Ios island

Islands with different personalities

Athens are much denser. The narrow streets winding between the houses evoke an endless maze. An urban labyrinth in which it is good to get lost. Greek panoramas are thus agglomerates of a homogeneous architecture which offer abstract compositions of square volumes of houses.

paysage de Mykonos

Fortunately, the sea is never far to cool off and take a step back from these stifling urban heat. What a joy then to put the easel on the beaches to paint the best that the island has to offer. This is evidenced by the many relaxing landscapes rocked by the flow of the waves.

Mykonos Petite Venise
Little Venice, Mykonos

Even in the heart of cities it is possible to cool off. You don’t have to go far to draw pretty houses at the foot of which the turquoise sea licks the thousand-year-old stone foundations of these dwellings.

dessin original des Cyclades
Galissas, Syros Island

If Greece is an artistic and eminently tourist destination, a local population inhabit these islands year round. These scenes of everyday life make it possible to draw these Greek cities while retaining a little authenticity. Without the postcard look of Greece, but to capture the authentic Cycladic sweetness of life.

Oia, Santorin, Grèce aquarelle originale
The old town of Oia, Santorini

Exhibition at the Strogili Art Gallery

artiste grec
Yves Damin, artist

The Strogili Art Gallery presents my watercolors made throughout my trip to Greece. I will be lucky enough to be able to exhibit my paintings and paintings in this art gallery in Fira, the main town of Santorini.

Strogili Art Gallery
Erithrou Stavrou, Thira 847 00, Greece
Phone. : +30 2286 022247

Galerie Art à Santorin
George Chalaris and Yves Damin standing in front of the Strogili Art Gallery in Santorini

Paintings and drawings in Greece on location

In most cases, I paint directly on the spot in order to get a better feel for the atmosphere to be captured. On canvas, watercolor paper, with or without an easel, I bring India ink, drawing clips, brushes and gouache.

Tableau de Mykonos
Mykonos, watercolor on paper

The beach and seaside of Mykonos captured from the seaside promenade.

tableau peinture Grèce
Fira and Imoriviglie in Santorini

Indian ink sketches set in color with watercolors from the heights of the city.

aquarelle originale Santorin
Panorama of Santorini

Santorini and Cyclades islands

Santorini is without a doubt the city that impressed me the most with its breathtaking panorama. A Greek landscape that can be admired for hours on end from the many café terraces.

dessin à l'encre de chine cyclades
Ios island

Indian ink drawing of the main town on the island of Ios. Its silhouette is reminiscent of Eastern cities.

dessin dans les îles grecques
Sketching on Ios island

Clinging to the hill, the minimalist houses accumulate in a complex architecture in which the palm trees struggle to find their way.

gouache et aquarelle
My painting equipment: gouache and watercolor

Painting equipment

This is typically the ideal set that includes a little more equipment than just the watercolor box. Several tubes of gouache with colors determined in advance depending on the destination. A palette, a bucket for water, a cloth for the brushes are transported carefully in their case. This painting material allows painting in any situation.
To make paintings and paintings in Greece I favored cobalt blue, turquoise, sienna, scorched earth and a lot of ocher color.
Regarding the vegetation of emerald green broken with golden yellow or ultramarine blue. This allows you to find the foliage of palm trees, eucalyptus, olive trees and multiple cacti.

Tableau de Mykonos
Mykonos seafront promenade

During my travels, very often paintings and watercolors begin with an ink drawing. I never draw with a pencil. I always sketch my composition in Indian ink. Before doing this painting of Mykonos, I started with these Doric columns in the foreground before building my perspective.
The city itself can only be seen from the background.

tableaux peintures Grèce
Little Venice, Mykonos

One of my best moments is certainly this one: a watercolor of Little Venice of Mykonos, done in the shade of a cafe, with its feet in the water. The sea was so close that I painted this watercolor with the water of the Aegean Sea.

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