Greek landscape

greek landscape Santorini

The Greek landscape offered by the Cyclades archipelago is a real treat. After our vacation in Greece, I start preparing for an exhibition in Santorini. Several subjects lend themselves well to the Strogili Art Gallery in Fira.

So I just did this little study of bell towers overlooking the Aegean Sea. An improbable succession of buildings of immaculate architecture, clinging to the sides of the cliffs of the Caldera.

Succession of small white villages clinging to the hillsides that plunge into blue waters, the island of Santorini is for many one of the most incredible places in Greece. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. There are many steep paths that run along the ridges.

As far as the eye can see, from hills to hills, the Greek landscape is declined in all horizons. The rounded silhouettes of the domes of the dazzlingly colored churches contrast with the arid vegetation. Imposing buildings or small houses nested with each other, form a dense and united architecture. Good smells of grilled fish or moussaka perfume the narrow streets, in which the sun is struggling to find its place.

Thira, Imoriviglie, Oia, so many cities, proud and sparkling fortresses which dominate the waves. The people of Santorini can be proud of their beautifully maintained and terribly authentic island.

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Maisons Laffitte Ermitage College

maisons laffitte ermitage college
Maisons-Laffitte Ermitage College

On this beautiful afternoon back to school at the Maisons Laffitte Ermitage College, I wanted to paint this very beautiful building. I thought it would be nice if they remembered this beautiful establishment in Maisons-Laffitte.

Nestled in the Maisons-Laffitte Park, this freestone and slate school building is an archetype of Mansard architecture. Pyramidal pediments, high chimneys and wrought iron gate complete this building that I had the pleasure of sketching.

Based on a drawing sketched in Indian ink, I colored this combination of shades: ocher of stones and emerald green of trees. These colors are really complementary. It is a real pleasure to combine warm colors.

Tomorrow the peaceful place will be a little more hectic with the returning schoolchildren, not necessarily too impatient to return to their school.

With the summer still warm, there is still time to daydream on the lawns in front of the school. Place for games, football games. The students find each other one last time carefree. Soon homework will feed school bags. The teachers will make way for the lifeguards, making way for the last moments of the holidays.

Welcome back to you all !

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Watercolor place de Passy, Paris

This afternoon during a walk in Paris, I took the opportunity to go do a watercolor Place de Passy, ​​Paris while the children did a little shopping. It is for me one of the most beautiful Parisian districts of the 16th arrondissement.

This afternoon during a walk in Paris, I took the opportunity to go do a painting at Place de Passy, ​​while the children did a little shopping. It is for me one of the most beautiful Parisian districts of the 16th arrondissement.

Drawing from life is really the best way to learn. Work the eye, observe the perspectives, the movements of the crowd. This type of urban scene is the ideal terrain to capture the ambience of the streets as quickly as possible. Trees introduce a notion of plants to the city. The white buildings cool the warm summer streets with their shadows. Thus the terraces of this small square welcome a crowd of Parisians and tourists under their two-tone parasols, who gather around a drink.

watercolor place de Passy, Paris
Place de Passy, Paris

Painting a watercolor Place de Passy, Paris

Small sized paper pads are perfect for painting directly in place. Of a reasonable size, however, it is possible to reconstitute sketches on a small scale that will later be used to create paintings, depending on the inspiration. They allow you to quickly grasp an ephemeral atmosphere. It is also easier to immerse yourself in the subject, discreetly, without attracting too much the gaze of passers-by.

The small watercolor blocks that I use make the process easier. It is a painting technique that dries relatively quickly. So, if a thunderstorm is brewing, it is always time to repackage the equipment. In addition, no easel is needed: to paint this painting of Place de Passy, ​​I was able to draw standing up. Well propped up, leaning against a lamppost, I was able to choose my point of view more easily.

The subjects of paintings are so numerous that I made myself the promise to come back to paint in this beautiful district. Indeed, the squares, crossroads, cafes and terraces are places of life. So many pretexts for new designs!

Peinture Place de Passy, Paris 16
Painting in the 16 area of Paris, France

Watercolor Parc of Maisons Laffitte

watercolor of the Parc de Maisons Laffitte
Watercolor of the Parc de Maisons Laffitte

Realization of this watercolor of Parc Maisons-Laffitte. The city enjoys a spectacular green setting in which walkers like to get lost. Numerous wooded reserves adorn the city with natural plots of charms and lime trees. So many refuges for red squirrels, jays and chickadees which coexist with splendid villas.

Being lucky enough to live in this incredible place, I have an incredible playground for regularly painting watercolors or drawing in the shade of trees. In addition, the rich and varied architecture of these beautiful residences is enhanced by these green spaces. Attic rooms, millstones, chalets or modern houses, there is something for everyone.

Add a few handfuls of riders trotting around in this environment, and you’ll have a result that is not far from what heaven can be.

Whatever the season, the Parc Maisons-Laffitte is a delight for the eyes. The leaves of the trees are adorned with beautiful shades of color. Bright spring green can give way to warm fall hues. These delicate tones offer endless possibilities for watercolor, gouache or any creative pleasure.

Art gallery in Santorini

art gallery in Santorini

While visiting an art gallery in Santorini, an idea occurred to me. Why not exhibit my watercolors directly on this island? Yes, after all, I painted many pictures while on vacation in Greece. It’s a great opportunity to show my work directly on site. This is why I contacted the Strogiliart Gallery in Thira. So I presented my work, I will have the chance to exhibit my paintings and paintings in this art gallery nestled in the heart of Fira, the main city of Santorini.

Strogili Art Gallery
Erithrou Stavrou, Thira 847 00, Greece
Phone. : +30 2286 022247

art gallery in Santorini
George Chalaris and Yves Damin, Strogili Art Gallery, Santorini, Greece
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Nestled across Greece, the small Greek Orthodox churches take on an even more special identity when they cling to the hillsides of the Cycladic islands. These little immaculate white buildings bear witness to the faith of the men and women who built them in difficult situations.

They sculpt the rocky and dry landscapes of a dry and arid land. Their blue domes cover their walls and are a landmark for the traveler who gets lost in the islands.

Painting in Greece is a privilege for artists, the subjects allow many compositions and are so many opportunities to paint pictures. So I’m grateful to have an expo in an art gallery in Santorini.

painting of Santorini
Painting of Santorini
Oia, original watercolor of Santorini
Village of Oia, Santorini

Greece paintings

During our vacation, I was able to do many paintings of Greece. The Greek Cyclades each have their own personality. Ios impressed me in many ways. The sunsets here are fantastic, the island lights up during golden hour, and the white walls turn pearly.

The main town of Ios is a spectacular tangle of white houses. Nested within each other, the eye is easily lost. A magical, spectacular city.

This watercolor of Ios was painted facing the city, sitting in the shade of one of the island’s windmills. The terraces in the foreground are the privileged place of the many Greek cats who live here year round and bask in the sun.

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ile Grèce Ios
Watercolor of Ios Island

Architecture and vegetation

After a few hours at the beach, I sat on the terrace of one of the many cafes on Mylopotas beach, on the Isle of Ios to do this watercolor. This allowed me to take a close look at the Greek architecture so characteristic of the Cyclades. Houses nested one in the other between which runs a relatively sparse vegetation. Succulents, cacti and palm trees give an exotic color to these immaculate white buildings.
The white Fabriano paper with a fine texture thus gives the necessary relief to densify these urban landscapes made in watercolor.

Ile grecque de Syros
Galissas, Syros

This is the type of exercise that I like to practice regularly in character drawing and life scenes. I try to take advantage of any quiet moment to sit down and pull out my sketchbook. The people waiting for the bus were a perfect alibi so I could draw them in Indian ink, then quickly color them with watercolors. As they did not move, it allowed me to be able to observe them at leisure and to paint this watercolor in the Cyclades, in the heart of Greece.

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Mykonos painting

Mykonos painting
Mykonos from the beach

To do a Mykonos painting, you need several ingredients. First a bright blue sky, then pretty white houses, and finally a sea of ​​turquoise waters. On the other side of “Little Venice”, charming restaurants with tables on the water’s edge welcome tourists and locals with tantalizing smells of fish and grilled meats.

Greece is a real land of sensual pleasures that flatters the appetite as well as the eyes. The very beautiful architecture is a treat for drawing. The shades of white and blue allow for a rich and varied color palette.

Prussian blue goes well with cobalt blue or even turquoise, while the tones blend in watercolor shades in which the gaze is lost.

peinture de Mykonos
Mykonos, Little Venice

What seduced me the most in Mykonos, is undoubtedly this beautiful promenade which offers a beautiful perspective along the sea. The ancient columns bear witness to Greek Antiquity, white and slender, which contrast so much with the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. That’s why I wanted to do a Mykonos painting.

Mykonos aquarelle sur papier

The white marble at the end of the day takes on the colors of the sunset and the city lights up with tones of ivory and gold. This is why I like to paint with watercolors: it allows me to capture the fleeting moment and draw on the spot, in order to better capture the sensations and better soak up the light.

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To discover all of my paintings on Greece, click here

Painting of the Cyclades

painting of the Cyclades

Painting the Cyclades is an invitation to travel and change of scenery.
Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, but also Ios, Santorini, Syros and many others, bring unspeakable joy to the traveler when he walks these island lands that dot the Aegean Sea.

I have a lot of fun painting these seascapes, rural or urban. The colors are enchanting, they are both harmonious and surprising, and the sea is never far away.

Tableau Cyclades
Ermoupoli, on Syros island

Painting the Cyclades is an invitation to travel and change of scenery.
Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, but also Ios, Santorini, Syros and many others, bring unspeakable joy to the traveler when he walks these island lands that dot the Aegean Sea.

I have a lot of fun painting these seascapes, rural or urban. The colors are enchanting, they are both harmonious and surprising, and the sea is never far away.

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Italy watercolors

Italy watercolors
Procida, Campania. Watercolor on paper.

What a joy to paint watercolors from Italy. During a family getaway in the Bay of Naples, I took the opportunity to draw. As so often on my travels, I bring paper, brushes and pots of colors. During this brief stay I took the opportunity to paint different compositions. Villages, small authentic fishing ports or even the street scenes that I love, especially in the Mediterranean.

painting of Napoli

So installed on café terraces, on the ground or standing up, I took out my sketchbook and my pallets. I thus realize some paintings in situ. For me, drawing from nature remains the best means of observation and immersion. I immerse myself in the atmosphere that I try to render on canvas or watercolor papers.

original watercolor of Pompei
Pompei, watercolor on paper

Italy is a real playground for those who like to paint old stones, the facades of houses with ocher tones and full of details. A few years ago I brought back many watercolors from Sardinia. The centuries-old architecture offers a wide variety of subjects to sketch, draw and color. The drawing of my travels always gives me great satisfaction: it allows me to dive back in with delight and relive fabulous vacation moments. It is also the impression of recreating the very special atmosphere of travel designers, such as the Marine Painters, explorers and visual witnesses of scenes of life.

Painting an ice cream maker in New York

glacier à New York

France-Amerique once again entrusted me with a painting of New York illustrated dossier, devoted to … ice cream! Like all reports for which I have the chance to create illustrations. Events rich in anecdotes. This time, the highlight for me was to learn that Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States was a gourmet absolutely fan of these “French ice creams”. He even wrote the official recipe during the Civil War. These stories in History are a particularly tasty pretext for documenting myself and looking for the best possible iconography.

France-Amérique is delighting us with its projects which bring French gastronomy high on the American continent. When the culinary arts combine with history, it is with relish that we taste this exceptional magazine.

From now on, the next time I come to American soil, one thing is certain, whatever the season, even in the coldest winter, I would be looking for that ice cream truck in New York. A few Frenchies are passionately traveling the United States to conquer new markets.

Thus, ice cream does not belong only to the monopoly of large industrial groups, but to artisans who seek a very specific quality. Ice cream is not only a question of gluttony, but a question of taste, of flavors. The conquest of America has a bright future for all food lovers.

Thomas Jefferson writing his recipe of the first ever ice creal of the USA. Watercolor on paper.
peintures France Amérique

Magazine illustration

illustration de magazine
Sculptor Bartholdi at work

Besides my visual activity, I often work in magazine illustration. I particularly like it because it takes me out of my comfort zone. Indeed, you need a strong desire to document yourself in order to precisely illustrate the images that match the narration. An exercise that I love because it allows me to explore new artistic horizons.

Drawings of characters, scenes of life, still lifes or landscape paintings… There are many pretexts to broaden one’s graphic palette. Historical scenes give me immense pleasure: to dive into History in order to bring to life through drawings famous or forgotten people or places. It exerts a certain fascination.

Substantive files allow us to understand, through multiple visuals. A rich iconography at the service of the author of the text. A special alchemy, a link between text and images.

New York magazine France-Amérique has commissioned a new report from me to illustrate. The incredible story of Coca Cola, which is suing Vin Mariani for trademark infringement. American giant against the Corsican family business has allowed me to paint a large number of gouaches and watercolors on the United States as well as a few paintings on Corsica.

An opportunity also to paint some famous figures such as the sculptor Bartholdi, or Doctor Pemberton, the inventor of Coca Cola. Illustrating for a magazine allowed me to explore many anecdotes from history.

peintures France Amérique

Ordering a painting from a house

commande de tableau d'une maison
Painting of a country house in Brittany, France

I received this comission about ordering a painting from a house in Brittany. A client did ask me to paint his family home. This magnificent residence is located in North Finistère. Brittany is a region which lends itself readily to painting, with soft or tormented hues. The weather always gives the tables a certain tone. In this case, for this composition, I preferred to let speak the tranquility of nature that naturally envelops this house, with a palette of colors and mineral and shimmering green tones.

I often do paintings on demand, there are several possibilities to do this. Whenever possible, I try to get there. It allows me to paint on the spot in order to better capture the atmosphere. I can also turn around the subject better to soak up the composition and have a better feel. The atmosphere to be returned is very important, and nothing beats planting the easel directly on location.

Another possibility for ordering a painting from a house is to work from photographs. For places located very far away, where sometimes that no longer exist, I thus manage to reconstruct a place through painting. The important thing is to always have a good documentary base to faithfully reproduce the desired setting.

Of course, an oral or telephone exchange with valuable indications, facilitates the understanding of the subject. Sometimes it is just the smallest details that evoke a specificity dear to the inhabitants. It could be a drawing of a fountain, a lamppost or even a significant tree in the garden.

Thus, it is possible for me to paint a Norman house, a Provencal farmhouse, a Parisian building, a New York skyscraper or a Breton farmhouse.

Offer a painting

offer a painting

Offer a painting is a really personal process. I had the pleasure of making this watercolor of a magnificent house in Normandy. A large house nestled in lush greenery north of a stream in which an old wooden mill regularly laps the ru. A place out of time, inhabited by lush vegetation conducive to the creation of this painting in the heart of the Normandy countryside.

This house was the subject of a birthday gift from friends for a birthday to a loved one, who came together to give this painting. In this context, this proof of friendship is imbued with intimacy, because we touch the sensitive soul of the person. It is a very personal present, which does not cheat, and which evokes a memory, a memory of a place.

Houses are an integral part of human memory. They have the flavor of childhood, a reminder of a slice of life. From the perspective of a painting, it is often happy memories that come to mind. Beautiful years that have passed, romantic encounters or even a certain carefree attitude.

Details are of particular importance. They are meaningful and allow you to better project yourself into the moment you experience. Thus, offer a painting very often amounts to offering a journey through time, into memory.

Personalized greeting cards

personalized greeting cards
Watercolor greeting cards representing the desert

Creation of a series of personalized greeting cards. Very limited edition of 10 greeting cards illustrating a peaceful stream bordered by palm trees at the foot of the dunes of the Sahara desert. Creation of a composition on behalf of a Franco-Tunisian company. Watercolor on paper.

Even if digital technology has naturally replaced most of our exchanges, traditions remain. Traditional greeting cards always carry a special message. A watercolor card is more than just a rushed message.

Recipient can fully appreciate the card received and framed if desired. The sender takes more care when writing his message. Choice of words is important, it reassures the promise of the image addressed to his loved one.

Words are precious, a card, even if it is sent only once a year, when it receives such attention, strengthens the bond between the two people. The challenge is therefore to find a theme that is strong and powerful enough to evoke a memory or a common issue. The primary objective is to convey a warm and positive image. Making personalized greeting cards allows this freedom, that of choosing the first message to illustrate. Whether it’s a winter scene or a Mediterranean landscape, there are many illustrative options.

Painting of the Louvre

painting of the Louvre, Paris
Painting of the Louvre

Realization of a painting of the Louvre from the Seine: very large watercolor on arches paper. As a watercolor artist, it is always my heart to draw water, whether it is the sea, the ocean, rivers or lakes. In this case, it is the river of Paris that serves as the backdrop to paint the Louvre.

An excellent urban landscape, the sight of this emblematic Parisian monument brings color to the perspective of the building. Greeted by the Bateau-Mouche which brings a blessed human presence in this stone setting of the capital.

This painting of the Louvre was painted for a lover of Paris, keen on history and architecture. Like me, he is sensitive to the charm of this immense monument of the Capital. This fascinating masterpiece is imposing, but it is the symbol of a building that has stood the test of time. Over the ages, its collection of paintings, paintings and sculptures from all civilizations has continued to grow.

As a student in art school, I can no longer count the number of times I have gone to admire the artistic compositions of painters and sculptors. The Louvre simply houses the most impressive collection in the world. Current testimonies of Flemish painting, German and Spanish masters. Greco-Roman and Egyptian civilizations, but also more confidential works, there is something for all tastes, all styles.

In addition to the pyramid and the imposing volumes of its architecture, it is the environment close to the Museum that gives this place all its importance. Ideally located geographically, the quays make it an admirable point of view. From the Square du Vert Galant or from the Parisian Bateau-Mouche, this is where I prefer it.

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